XSYNC is an add-in that enables SOLIDWORKS to keep all selected exported files (STEP, DXF, PDF) synchronized.


XSYNC is an add-in that enables SOLIDWORKS to keep all selected exported files (STEP, DXF, PDF) synchronized.

Synchronize Export Files

Enables SOLIDWORKS to keep all selected exported file formats synchronized with the native SOLIDWORKS Documents

What it does

It is constantly monitoring the SOLIDWORKS save operation. When it detects that a SOLIDWORKS document is about to be saved, is checking if an export setting has been applied in the document.

If it has, the software is automatically applying those rules (Save and overwrite, ask before overwriting, ech) for exported files to the pre-defined locations, with the pre-defined file names.

Current Status

XSYNC enables synchronization of exported file types for all SOLIDWORKS Documents (Parts, Assembly, Drawings), supporting all SOLIDWORKS versions since 2015 to Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.

We also undertake incorporating features on demand, according to the customer’s particular preferences. Learn more about Custom Software Development.

Future Goals

  • Improving the reliability of the software
  • Adding more Features to fit your needs and personal designing style


Check out all the features of XSYNC.

XSYNC has many functions to manage exports:

  • Mass - define or remove, configuration specific, export settings in many ways :
    • Directly from the SOLIDWORKS Graphics or Tree View
    • All Parts of an Assembly
    • All Sheet Metals of an Assembly
    • All Assemblies of an Assembly
    • All Assemblies in a folder, with option to include subfolders
    • All Parts in a folder, with option to include subfolders
    • All Drawings in a folder, with option to include subfolders
    • Selected SOLIDWORKS Documents inside a folder


  • Manual batch export operation using all upper ways to select documents or export types.
  • Automatic synchronization: export pre-define exports every time the native SOLIDWORKS document is saved.
  • Switch to turn it off, during design proccess
  • Tools for controlling how and when the export operations will take place. A dialog always appear just before XSYNC start exporting, that has the number of exported files and the number of documents this files are exporting from. It also has a SOLIDWORKS Feature manager type tree, that has all exports in Assembly hierarchy, where you can check which exports you want to save.
  • Progress dialog, when exporting many files.


01. How XSYNC is keeping all exports synchronized

02. How to select file types of interest

03. How to create SOLIDWORKS template files, that include the XSYNC settings

04. How to define DXF export settings, to all Sheet Metals Parts

05. How to define export settings, without opening the files in SOLIDWORKS

06. How to add export settings to multiple Drawings

07. How to batch export, all pre-defined file types, in a SOLIDWORKS Assembly Document

08. How XSYNC is keeping your exports synchronized, when closing a SOLIDWORKS document

09. How XSYNC is keeping your exports synchronized, when exiting SOLIDWORKS

10. How to define export setting(s) for a custon model view

11. How to automatically take snapshots of a SOLIDWORKS document, while designing

12. How to export standard views snapshots, of a SOLIDWORKS document

13. How to export all documents in a SOLIDWORKS Assembly (Parts and subassemblies) as PDF file type

14. How to clear all export settings

15. How to reset XSYNC data

16. How to reset XSYNC data, without opening files in SOLIDWORKS

17. How to completly delete all XSYNC data

How to define STEP file export settings, for all sheet metal parts in a SOLIDWORKS Assembly document


The team behind XSYNC

We are the same team that created BACKWORKS

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